Chicken + Green Beans + Pasta

Going into Cut 3 of RP means losing all rest day carbs and fats. Kind of makes me want to work out everyday so that I can indulge a little bit – but we all know how important those rest days are to help build muscle, endurance and strength.

Yesterday, I competed in my first competition of 2017. A couples competition with my husband – a non-Crossfitter. We ended up dead last, and as much as my highly competitive soul cringed – I indeed had much fun, and shared many laughs. But he (we) has a lot of work to do before we compete together again.

That being said, today needed to be a minimal meal prep day because I knew my body would not want to slave for hours over meals – and Cut 3 makes meal prep pretty basic to begin with. 

Hence rotisserie chicken, roasted green beans (simply tossed with garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper – roasted at 400 for 10-15 minutes) and whole wheat penne. I added some sliced mushrooms to give it a little more bulk also. 

Portion out the macros and you’ve got a quick and easy lunch or dinner for the week.


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