Chicken Chop Salad

Week one of Cut 3 went, well… it went. I ate a lot of the same. And I ate a lot of non-template compliant foods.

In other words – I YOLO-ed a little harder than I should have. Two catered work meetings and a couple busy nights left me with a few bad decisions and immediate regrets.

This week, I intentionally made three different enough salads that repetition would not be a valid excuse (not that it ever should be) to not eat according to the guidelines.


Grilled chicken breast, cut into small cubes

Salad greens (mix of romaine, radicchio, cabbage)

Sliced carrots

Sliced cucumbers

Frank’s hot sauce

Since Cut 3 basically depletes all of my carbs and fats, but leaves me with protein and salad greens – I’m left to improvise for what can constitute as a salad dressing. In comes Frank’s. Zero calories and a mild spicy kick to make me not feel like such a rabbit.

Obviously, just combine the above ingredients and you’ve got a quick and easy lunch or dinner. Feel free to adjust according to your macro intake.


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