Fried Rice Nachos

17.4 (aka 16.4 repeat) was the kind of workout that is perfect for achieving redemption.

I scaled 16.4, and this year, I knew I’d be putting in work to RX 17.4. I achieved 155 reps – 7 less than my scaled version of the previous year. Redemption achieved.

As much as I wanted to get off that rower and attempt some handstand push-ups – my legs just weren’t feeling the row after those deadlifts and wall balls. 

I completed my first RP cut on Saturday, getting to start Maintenance today. I’m glad to have a little more leniency in the eating pattern – but I know there is still plenty to work on.


Blue corn tortilla chips

Shredded chicken

Vegetable fried rice



Heat up the shredded chicken and rice.

Top tortilla chips with heated mixture and garnish with salsa and scallions.

Ridiculously simple, and perfect for a lazy Sunday watching the madness of March Madness.


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